EMAS 2023

Accepted Papers

Regular Papers

  • Daniela Briola, Angelo Ferrando, and Viviana Mascardi. Fantastic MASs and where to find them: First results and lesson learned
  • Rafael C. Cardoso, Angelo Ferrando, Joe Collenette, Louise Dennis, and Michael Fisher. Towards Forward Responsibility in BDI Agents
  • Sanjay Chandlekar, Easwar Subramanian, and Sujit Gujar. Multi-armed Bandit Based Tariff Generation Strategy for Multi-Agent Smart Grid Systems
  • Maksim Gladyshev, Natasha Alechina, Mehdi Dastani, and Dragan Doder. Dynamics of Causal Dependencies in Multi-agent Settings
  • Aditya Khadse, Samuel Christie, Munindar Singh, and Amit Chopra. Protocol-Based Engineering of Microservices
  • Andrei Olaru, Gabriel Nicolae, and Adina Magda Florea. The Entity-Operation Model for Practical Multi-entity Deployment
  • Giuseppe Petrosino, Stefania Monica, and Federico Bergenti. Imperative and Event-Driven Programming of Interoperable Software Agents
  • Poom Pianpak, Jiaoyang Li, and Tran Cao Son. Load Balancing in Distributed Multi-Agent Path Finder (DMAPF)
  • Fenghui Ren and Jun Yan. A Multi-Agent Approach for Decentralized Voltage Regulation in Micro Grids by Considering Distributed Generators
  • Alexandru Sorici and Adina Magda Florea. Towards Context-based Authorizations for Interactions in Hypermedia-driven Agent Environments — The CASHMERE Framework
  • Yi Yang and Tom Holvoet. vGOAL:a GOAL-based Specification Language for Safe Multi-Agent Online Planning

Short Papers

  • Samuele Burattini, Andrei Ciortea, Meshua Galassi, and Alessandro Ricci. Agents & Artifacts at the Knowledge Level
  • Dennis Maecker, Henning Gösling, and Oliver Thomas. Remote Deployment of a JADE Agent in Docker
  • Stefano Mariani, Marco Picone, and Alessandro Ricci. Towards developing Digial Twin enabled Multi-Agent Systems
  • Ganesh Ramanathan. Synthesizing Multi-agent System Organization from Engineering Descriptions
  • Antoine Zimmermann, Andrei Ciortea, Catherine Faron, Eoin O'Neill, and María Poveda-Villalón. Pody: A Solid-based Approach to Embody Agents in Web-based Multi-Agent Systems

Demo Papers

  • Martynas Jagutis, Sean Russell, and Rem Collier. Using Multi-Agent MicroServices (MAMS) for Agent-Based Modelling
  • Eoin O'Neill and Rem Collier. Exploiting Service-Discovery and OpenAPI in Multi-Agent MicroServices (MAMS) Applications